Optical Delusion Mini Golf

Designed with the teenagers and adults in mind. The holes are challenging with greater putting distances.
On this course, things are not what they seem. Putt across a diving board into a backyard swimming pool…or is it?  It’s tricky. It’s unique. The course blends many artistic elements in a most unusual way providing a truly enjoyable experience for the most demanding miniature golfer.
Both this course and our “AMaze’N Golf” course have beautiful natural settings integrating lavish landscaping and unique natural desert boulders.


First Round (ages 7+): $8.75+tax
Unlimited Mini Golf (Ages 7+): $18.00+tax
Each Round (Seniors Age 65+, and children 6 and under): $5.00+tax

Hours of Operation


Height restriction: None
Weight restriction: None
Age restriction: Our shortest putter is made to fit most 3-year-olds.