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Driving Range

Our golf driving range is an amazing two levels with a total of 66 hitting bays and is designed to meet PGA and National Golf Foundation (NGF) standards.

We have been named by the Golf Range Association of America to their “Top 100 U.S. Driving Ranges” list an astounding 10 years straight!

Offering a full 300 yards with five target greens from 75 to 250 yards, our range design includes misters during the summer, lights for evening golf, grade level grass, elevated synthetic surface tee stations and a fully-automated tee-up system! All grade level tee stations offer prepaid card based tee-up machines with automatic ball delivery.

The second level offers ball dispensers (with 3 bucket sizes) utilizing the same prepaid cards available in $6 to $100 denominations. Adjacent to the tee deck is a putting green, well-lit for night time use. PGA golf professionals are available at our CrackerJax Academy for lessons, clinics, or schools.”

The CrackerJax Driving Range has won AZ's AZ's 2009 Critics Choice Award for - Best Driving RangeGolf Digest 10 Favorite Driving Ranges Across the United Statesgraa-top-100sm

The CrackerJax Golf Academy

Bill Polovich has been a professional golf instructor for over 25 years. He passed both Business Schools 1 and 2 in the PGA of America and passed the Playing Ability Test in 1994 with 36 holes of play and scores of 67-74.


Bill teaches individuals based on their goals and physical capabilities. His approach is to teach the fundamentals of the swing, short game, and putting. Not all great players grip, swing, or even think about the club the same way. Rather, there are margins which are defined by the swings of the best players in the world. There are many different golf swings that produce solid and straight shots. Each golfer simply needs to find a swing they can comfortably reproduce that stays within proven margins.

The margins are defined for every part of the game from the mental approach to practice routines, pre-shot routines, posture, alignment, grip, swing plane, arm positioning, tempo, clubface positioning, and much more. Bill’s goal is to provide students with a better understanding of those margins and the specific changes which need to be made so significant improvement will be attained and goals reached.

Bill believes when the basic fundamentals are understood the rest is all mental.

Free Golf Clinic every Saturday from 11am till Noon.
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